St. Joseph's-Alexander McKay Elementary

Childcare Programs: Before School, Lunch & After School

There are four childcare providers that support SJAM students and families.   


The school-based HRCE program that operates before and after school is EXCEL.  For the 2022/2023 school year, EXCEL will take place at our temporary relocation site at 1589 Walnut Street (or the former Beaufort School Site) while our school building is replaced.  Parents will be required to transport their children to and from the EXCEL program during this timeframe and there will be 30 spots available for children.   For more information, please see:


Three community based childcare providers in our north end Halifax school catchment include Ward 5 Neighbourhood Centre, North End Daycare & Needham Daycare.  All three offer morning, lunch and after school care. Children enrolled in these three childcare centres are bused by HRCE to and from school.  Contact information is as follows:


Ward 5 Neighbourhood Centre:

North End Daycare: (902) 455-5494

Needham Daycare:


There is also a free school-based lunch program managed by school administration and lunch monitors. Students are required to bring a lunch that does not require heating, and necessary utensils.  They spend half of the lunch period eating in classrooms, and half of the lunch period outside playing with friends!