St. Joseph's-Alexander McKay Elementary

Staff Directory

This staff list is for the 2022/2023 school year (SJAM at 1589 Walnut Street).

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Gerarrd, Nicole (Acting) Vice Principal 902-493-5180
Gorman-Tolliver, Cheyanne Acting Principal 902-493-5180 Twitter
Harrison, Sandy Administrative Assistant 902-493-5180

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Sauter, Danielle 30% Relief Teacher 902-493-5180
Gupta, Ruchi 50% Learning Centre Teacher 902-493-5180
Jennings-DeBaie, Anne APSEA Interpretor 902-493-5180
Cameron, Grace Core French 902-493-5180
Sabean, Scarlett English as an Additional Language (EAL) 902-493-5180
Mott, Katie English Resource 902-493-5180 Twitter
McLay, Allison FI Resource & FI Early Literacy Support (APL) 902-493-5180
Dobbelsteyn, Julia Grade 1 FI 902-493-5180
Lipsit, Jessie Grade 1 FI 902-493-5180
Tattrie, Atanda Grade 3/4 FI 902-493-5180
Goss, Mallory Grade 4/5 FI 902-493-5180
Phillips, Sarah Grade 5/6 English 902-493-5180 Website
DeWare, Tanya Grade Five 902-493-5180 Twitter
McKenzie, Katelyn Grade Five/Six FI 902-493-5180 Twitter
MacNeil, Cheilidh Grade One 902-493-5180 Website
Currie, Megan Grade One/Two 902-493-5180
Odlin, Rhianna Grade Primary 902-493-5180
Swinamer, Claire Grade Primary FI 902-493-5180 Twitter
Thakkar, Rebecca Grade Primary FI (January - June) 902-493-5180
Samaha, Jessica Grade Primary FI (Sept-Dec) 902-493-5180
O'Connor, Paulette Grade Six 902-493-5180 Twitter
Young, Nakeah Grade Three/Four 902-493-5180 Twitter
Darwish, Heather Grade Two FI 902-493-5180
Williams, Barbara Grade Two/Three 902-493-5180
Purdy, Sarah Grade Two/Three FI 902-493-5180
Goldberg, Rebecca Learning Centre Teacher 902-493-5180
Knapton, Kass Learning Centre Teacher 902-493-5180
Deware, Natalie Math Support Teacher 902-493-5180
O'Leary, Mark Music & Instrumental Music 902-493-5180
Lucas, Hayley Physical Education 902-493-5180
MacLellan, Cody Physical Education 902-493-5180
Thornhill, Heather Reading Recovery/Early Literacy Support 902-493-5180 Twitter
Ruttgaizer, Carla Resource & Learning Disability Teacher 902-493-5180
Hauser, Angela School Counsellor 902-493-5180
Liiva, Colleen Speech Language Pathologist 902-493-5180

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Walter, Trevor African Nova Scotian Student Support Worker 902-493-5180
Sampson, Scott Caretaker 902-493-5180
Jones, Reese Child & Youth Care Practitioner (CYCP) 902-493-5180
TBD, TBD ECE Pre-primary Lead (Room 2) 902-493-5180
Callaghan, Patricia ECE Pre-primary Support (room 1) 902-493-5180
King, Kimberly ECE Pre-primary Support (room 2) 902-493-5180
Trenholm, Stacey ECE Pre-primary Support (room 2) 902-493-5180
Swan, Rebecca Educational Program Assistant 902-493-5180
Ismail, Wafa Educational Program Assistant 902-493-5180
Veloya, Kristine Educational Program Assistant 902-493-5180
Rao, Neha Educational Program Assistant 902-493-5180
Gandham, Mahalakshmi Educational Program Assistant 902-493-5180
Dewolfe, Beverley Educational Program Assistant 902-493-5180
Richards, Anita Educational Program Assistant 902-493-5180
Petrie, Loraine Educational Program Assistant 902-493-5180
Pellerine, Stephanie Educational Program Assistant 902-493-5180
Rozee, Sarah Educational Program Assistant 902-493-5180
Fletcher, Raquel Educational Program Assistant 902-493-5180
Cromwell, Johanna Educational Program Assistant 902-493-5180
Hiles, Johnny Educational Program Assistant
Aulenback, Andrew Librarian 902-493-5180
MacDonald, Leona Room 1: ECE - Lead - Pre-Primary 902-493-5180
MacDonald, Lynn School Social Worker 902-483-3740
Steeves, Sharon Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-219-3668
McNutt, Brenda Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-233-4395


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Ioannou, Victoria Grade Four-Six Violin 902-493-5180


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
O'Leary, Mark Grade six band 902-493-5180